Lena Fridén



This is Draksjárnans Giron - Best of Breed 2013 SISKá


Dear John and Deargban Pia


This is PáTá Confident Christof on the right.  He has grown into a wonderful boy this winter - 2 years old.  He is fun to work with, very energetic and a brother to Conor in France and Cormac seen here on the left.


Deargban Brendan



Lena Fridén of Sweden

First is Pĺtĺ Billy pointing and then it is Pĺtĺ Clever Clementine, (sister to Conor) also find something and Dalriach Dear John practise retrieving.

They all are retrieving spontaneously and I have not trained them to do so., they are so clever....

This is Drakstjärnans Guding pointing a double snipe that we find now and then in the line of the marsh





Brendan´s puppies was born july 29. 10 little ones, 7 boys and 3 girls, and all are doing well.

The mother is Drakstjärnans Ghoza, sister to Giron, the bitch I brought to the show in Skĺne last September.

It will be interesting in the weeks ahead to see them grow. 
I send you some photos of the little ones and my new addition to the farm, 2 Swedish mountain cows!, a rare breed.
Best best wishes from Lena in Sweden.