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Irish Red & White Setter Club Open International Trial held on Grouse in Glencree on

Tuesday 27th August 2013.

 Report by Hugh Brady

A beautiful morning greeted the competitors for this arranged open trial with CACIT to facilitate the French competitors who had travelled for the week’s trialling prior to the Irish Championship to be held on Saturday and Sunday 31st August and 1st September in Kinnity.

The club provided early morning breakfast with hot coffees and hot rolls so 30 dogs headed out onto the hill at the later start of 10 o’clock.

Judged by the senior judge Anthony Mulhall of the Mountbay Kennels and accompanied by Lionel Gay from France. There were 8 competitors competing from France with 14 dogs,  4 from Northern Ireland with the remaining from the Republic of Ireland.  There were also spectators from Moscow who had driven to Ireland to watch field trials. Included amongst the French team were Diablo du Val de Loue who is the current European champion and also Apache des Sorcieres du Sancy who was a previous winner.  This ground in Glencree always provides a lot of grouse. Ludovic Iuchs as usual performed the translations with his usual charm.

The first brace got off to a great start with Joe McGill’s Pennyrock Flight having a super find on a grouse to start the proceedings with a bang.  After a smart few cast the English setter cut in and expertly produced a single bird. A few more opportunities were had on grouse in this section of the ground and there were some excellent running dogs.  In the eighth brace Hugh Brady’s International FTCh Ballydavid Airforce running against Bernard Trubailt’s Darling de l’Anse de Ty Roux had a stylish find in very high rushes.  The dog was difficult to see but on command produced a pack of grouse sequentially.  This find was only after two casts so he would have to do more time in the second round. Yves Desdevises IRSB Asna du Val de Loue had an excellent first round running wide, with great style and silent handling.  The weather began to change and some heavy summery showers arrived before lunch. Michael Houston’s red pup with Cormac Bray’s Int. FTCh Ballydavid Aodh had an excellent run over the summit of the hill.

Eight brace were recalled for the second round in what was a high quality trial. Joe McGill competed with Jerome Delmas but the run was rather broken with some unproductive points where birds had obviously left.  The second brace of Joan McGillycuddy’s Int. FTCh Creg Rena and Bruno Fasoli’s Boheme des Monts Brumex had a decent run but again there was scent distracting the rhythm of the French dog. J ames Coyle of Ulster with his GB FTCh Koram Kaiser had a long run with Joan McGillycuddy’s Ballydavid Starjet of the Kingdom, however despite the judges generosity there was no game on the beat for the pair.  Next brace were Francoise Chevallier and Hugh Brady’s Airforce. The beat was the side of the hill parallel with the road. The dogs quartered up and down the hill at great speed and were even on both sides.  They were given plenty of time but again there was no game on this particular beat.  Next brace was Bruno Fasoli ‘ Breschia des Monts Brumeux and Philippe Guittard’s Eole de l’Anse de Ty Roux. Philippe Guittard’s dog had an excellent find on a snipe over some turf banks.  Next up were Ned Butler’s Hunshigo Kestrel and Christy Davitt’s French English setter Crackel de la Chaire des Druids both of whom performed excellently.  Penultimately, Bruno Fasoli’s Diablo ran with Michael Houston’s Shanrycon Arbelloa and after an exciting gallop there was an altercation with some grouse.  The last brace was Cormac Brady’s Ballydavid Aodh with Michael Houston’s red setter puppy. Ballydavid Aodh pointed in the area where the birds risen by the previous brace. The handler tried to move the dog on and as he finally succeeded a concealed grouse rose, proving the dog correct.

Before the results more French rolls and other refreshments were provided by the club.

The secretary Davy Byrne read the results as follows:

1st with Excellent and CACIT was Hugh Brady’s IRSD Int. FTCh Ballydavid Airforce.  This dog had an excellent production in the first round and a long run in the second round to make up his time with excellent quartering and plenty of speed and drive.

2nd with Excellent Joe McGill’s ESB Penny Rock Flight who had a brilliant production in the first round but the second round was not as good as the first dog.

3rd with Very Good was Philippe Guittard’s IRSD Eole de l’Anse de Ty Roux  who had a very good find on a snipe but the running and ground treatment not of the same standard as the first 2 dogs.



Irish Red & White Setter Club Open International Trial held on Grouse in Glencree on

Wednesday 28th August 2013.

This trial followed the successful day before and a few tired bodies arrived to the aroma of fresh coffee.  Today’s trial was to be judged by the secretary of the club Davy Byrne and the secretary of the Irish Red Setter Club Revd. Seamus O’Neill.  Again there was a full card with a lot of enthusiastic French competitors. There was some excellent running as this ground is always hard underfoot.  Again birds were plentiful but there were some hard luck stories.  Joe McGill’s ESB Summertime Princess had an excellent find on a pack down the valley.  Again he was the man to chase.  Soon after Pat Rohan had a superb find with his pointer bitch Behamore Judy. 

In the second round the judges cut the card to just 6 ˝ brace.  The first brace was Pat Rohan’s Behamore Judy on some bare looking ground. Competing against Francoise Chevallier’s IRSB Brindille de la Chaire des Druides the setter took too wide a turn and a grouse flushes behind.  The pointer whilst tight was handled brilliantly and did her ground evenly and to the judges’ satisfaction.  Next up was James Dalton’s pointer Lagopus Gershwin and Ray Monroes’ FTCh Craigrua Rampant. Despite a few points by both dogs the cock grouse kept running and would not rise.  Next brace was Pat Rohan’s Behamore Harry and Philippe Guittard’s Eole de l’Anse de Ty Roux.  This pointer is excellent on game and immediately stood.  After a steady and controlled work out the aforementioned grouse was produced. 

Next brace was Joe McGill’s Summertime Princess and International FTCh Ballydavid Airforce. Both dogs ran fantastically.  An old wall covered in heather went down the centre of the beat and both dogs hurtled like steeplechasers over the obstacle each time.  As the heather was very low the speed of each dog was incredible and they were obviously fired up for the occasion.  The English setter came to grief way out at the edge of the beat on a dropped in bird and the run ended.  Next brace was Bernard Trubailt’s Darling de l’Anse de Ty Roux and Cormac Brady’s International FTCh Ballydavid Aodh. 

A large pack of grouse lifted before the run set off.  Both dogs quartered diligently.  Ballydavid Aodh pointed and produced a single on his nose and was steady to shot however disappointingly for the handler, the other judge saw a bird rise behind the dog which eliminated him.  The final brace was Donal O’Leary’s ESD Cindys Pick Up and Lionel Gays Alpille des Sorcieres du Sancy have a nice run and while there were birds on the beat, they rose wild.

The trial then ended with just 2 awards and both to Pat Rohans pointers. Both dogs were graded very good.

1st VG Behamore Judy- she had an excellent find and very good quartering in the second round.

2nd VG Behamore Harry – produced a very difficult bird in tough circumstances. His running was more one-sided than his sister. 




written by

Ludovic Luchs and Lionel Gay

The idea to confront once again our reds to the reds and red and whites of the native country on the Irish grounds was born in 2011 at the initiative of Terence O’Leary, President of the IRWSC of Ireland and Davy Byrne, his Chairman.  More than two years have been necessary for the realization of this project which really interested a good few of French competitors. Announced as probable during the Red Club AGM in 2012, the project became a reality at the end of the spring season 2013.

The main idea was to match the organization of several special events and the Irish Championship, highest moment of the field trial season in Ireland. The IRWSC proposed the organization of two open stakes on 27 and 28 August whiles the Championship taking place on August 31 and September 01. So that the French clan gets the most out of his stay, the Wicklow Wexford Gundog Club proposed the host of a third open stake Thursday, August 29. Each of these stakes was with CACIT, certificates obtained by each clubs in order that French dogs may possibly obtain a title of International Field Trial Champion.  With five days of competition, the French clan was delighted. It is a delegation of 19 persons and 15 dogs (including 2 Gordon Setters) who landed Monday August 26 on the green island. Tuesday and Wednesday stakes were held on the grounds of Glencree in the Wicklow Mountains. Anthony Mulhall and Lionel Gay judged the first stake, while the Rev. Seamus O’Neil and Davy Byrne judged the next day.

Each stake comprised thirsty competitors. Something really nice but unusual in Ireland, our friends of the IRWSC had every day planned a welcome snack. After the second day, the complete French clan ended up with Terry and his wife around a very high level gala dinner in Laragh. Thursday’s stake, held by the WWGC was judged by our old friend Christopher Davitt and the famous Declan “Not too bad” O’Rourke, owner of the also famous Lusca prefix. If the WWGC is not a “big” club, its members have got a heart big like that. The club broke its piggy bank to offer a very nice for the winner of the day and a second one for the most stylish dog on the day.

This second prise was won by Asna du Val de Loue owned by Mari-Annick and Yves Desdevises.  Bernard Trubuilt was also happy to offer a nice Irish Setter bronze head trophy for the winner, Blackstairs Geronimo, owned by Kieran Walsh. After a day of well-deserved rest, all found themselves in the Slieve Bloom Mountains, ready to fight in the Championship. This one was judged by Hugh Brady, Billy Grace and Vincent Flannelly. This stake, held over two days has its own committee. It is chaired Jim Sheridan. His secretary is Edward Flannelly. Aware of the expectations of the French competitors, the committee members allowed every French dog already awarded at excellent level in a field trial to attend to the championship. This stake is limited to fifty dogs. We have to warmly thank our Irish friends for this gesture full of courtesy.

We insist on the acceptance and availability of our hosts. Alternatively, they have given us a lot of attention, especially when they tried to explain us how their trials are held and what the differences between our and their rules were.  You can imagine that our conversations about pace, qualities and defects of dogs in situation were numerous. Throughout the week, French dogs were at the level of the stakes. Very nice finds were taken, even if the dogs could not always finish their runs. The essential is not there. This visit allowed us to understand another view of the competition, the one of our hosts and another culture of dog handling.

Guidelines for field trials:

-    Do not talk to the dog, whether to restart, recall or stop him;

-     Whistling is used a lot for all these actions

-     When dog is on point we have to wait for judge permission before commanding the dog to produce his bird (during this action, you cannot touch or be in front of the dog)

-    After the flush, the dog can stop naturally or whistling is also accepted.; then the judge asks the handler to tell his dog to clear his ground, to verify if there are more birds

-    When the first dog is setting, the second dog can be stopped by his handler, a natural back is not compulsory but earns more points (some of the handlers stop their dogs themselves)   

QuBest is average (100 to 150 meters), casts are not very opened  the principle is that the handler has always a lot of control of the dog, dogs have to be under control and almost always within sight with the handler

DoDogs who have run well in the first round without disqualifying points will also qualify to run in the second and subsequent rounds. 

-     Disqualifying points are: barking, passing a dog on point, leaving birds behind and dogs who are out of control

Our Impressions

-     Every dogs presented by our Irish friends seem to be selected for their avidity, stamina and power to be able to run the moors and for their effectiveness on birds; many pragmatism maybe in detriment of a selection on the gait (merry tails are frequent, head carriage and muzzle carriage are average overall). We have to say that heather and the local biotope impose this type of selection. Gait can be masked in this type of biotope but avidity is something required to move in it.

-     As much as we could have seen on the approximately twenty dogs that we saw, Irish Setters are in the same working type than ours (height : 58-62 cm), built in a square, large ribs, massive heads and a lot of stop;

-     Judges are chosen between the competitors (after having being coopted, a handler becomes a C judge – probationary; then on meeting the criteria he can become a B / A judge and then he is able to judge open stakes and international stakes).


-     One day they judge and the following day, they compete. This feature is interesting because it establishes proximity between judges and competitors. It allows a mutual understanding of impressions by each category.

The 2013 Championship:

This open stake (Irish Championship) welcomes fifty dogs who have already obtained an excellent in an open stake on wild game.

-     Including twenty eight Irish Setters in which nine French dogs;

-     During the first day, twenty five brace realize their first run;

-     The second day allows deserving dogs to take place to a second and sometimes a third run who will permit to judges to classify the best dogs who have finds. This year twelve brace were run in a second run including four French dogs (Cayenne de Nouvel Vayssac, Darling de l’Anse de Ty-Roux, Brindille “Bambo” de la Chaire des Druides and Filou de Nouvel Vayssac). Unfortunately, mishaps have eliminated these four dogs. It is a pity for Cayenne, who, after having obtained two finds on snipe is not able to locate a grouse she had perfectly set.

-    Winner of this 55th stake is Ballyellin Moss (English Setter) handled by Mister Forbes;

-     A very special mention to Yves Desdevises that in addition to having handled an excellent dog has made a name in the pantheon of the official gun of the championship. In fact, responsible for validating the finds by firing a shot, he has after only three m

ThThis Irish week has truly been excellent, particularly by the friendliness created by the couples O’Leary and Davitt. Irish moors, grouses, the atmosphere of pubs are up to their reputation and are an invitation to come again.

DiDiscover Ireland in such conditions is a privilege and a big honour for which we must thank all those who made this beautiful human exchange possible For the French delegation Ludovic Iuchs was decisive, efficient and dedicated as usual. Thank you.

RoRoll on next year



Breed Show 

Irish Red and White Sette

Saturday September 14th 2013      

Judge  :  Marc Ruymbeke


The Gathering, as Cathy Delmar and her team described this weekend of celebrating the breeds of Irish Origin, a weekend for people with a passion or interest in the native breeds. Kicking of with a Show event on Saturday and a Full Dinner in The Merry Ploughboy pub, followed by Field trials and an open format meeting with guest panel for all Irish breeds on Sunday. 

And what a weekend it was, the 3 main Irish ingredients were present, good weather, a bit of crack and a refreshing brew !

The whole event was jolly well organised and the show rings were beautifully presented and well decorated, on top of this a great atmosphere was bringing all Irish enthusiast together admiring the dogs shown in the ring or just discussing all the achievements from past and present breeds alike.

I was invited to judge for the first time at Green star level and would like to thank both the breed club and Cathy for giving me this opportunity, thanks go also to Sinead Taggart, my very professional steward of the day.  Our ring was nicely decorated by the Red Setter fanciers with whom we shared the judging ring.

As soon as the breed rosettes and trophies were dressed up, judging could commence.

Open dog : O’Shea Paudie & Martina, MIZEN ADAIR 01/06/2012, Br A. Miller, Dobhailien Aengus for Mizen  x  Mizen Ceili Cairbre

Very nice type displaying a friendly attitude, broad head well in proportion to the body, soft expression in the eye although I would prefer a slightly darker coloured eye. Good stop, clean and square muzzle with ears lying closely to the head.

Lovely muscular neck and shoulders well laid back, VG top line, well bent stifle.

VG hair structure but out of coat at the moment with VG colour. Powerful mover with great reach and purpose, typical for the breed.

Overall a promising young dog that will turn in a great breed specimen once completely matured. 1st Ex. GSD and Reserve Best of Breed.

Intermediate Bitch : O’Leary T, GALLIA 05/11/2012, Br Paulette Guilloux, Deargban Blanco  x  Easy Du Clos Lupin

Nice Type, very feminine. Pretty head with nice stop, good muzzle and lips, here as well I would prefer a dark coloured eye. Nice front, good length of neck and well laid back shoulders, VG top line, enough bent in stifle, good feet.

Good coloured coat and structure, not in show condition, fine feathering.  Lovely mover when she was moving but she didn’t show well on the day, could do with some ring craft training.

Overall a typical specimen for the breed and needs to be seen in better condition and well handled in the ring. 1st VG

Open Bitch : Kennedy, MIZEN DRUID DATHUIL 16/08/2008, Br A. Mizen, Sheebhin Fionn  x  Mizen Gael Gra Geal

Excellent type, Nice and typical strong head with expressive eye but a shade light in colour, strong front. Arched muscular neck with good shoulder position, VG top line, nice tail set with a tail of moderate length. Enough angulation and well muscled body whilst staying very feminine. VG good colour, should not be showing more red on the body, nice hair structure with silky fine feathering on fore and hind legs. I would prefer a bit more feathering on flank and chest. Graceful mover at the trot.

Overall an aristocratic bitch behaving perfectly in the ring, a bitch ready for the job,

1st Ex, GSB, Best of Breed and Best in Show.

Field Trial Bitch : O'Leary T, DEARGBAN BELLA, 06/03/2004, Br T O’Leary, Int Ft Ch Silent Seeker of Shannonbally  x  Bishopmill Bronze Quean

Nice type, shouldn’t be smaller, good head and mouth, head and ears are well coloured and marked. I would prefer more front, good neck and shoulder with a level top line, tail set could be better, enough angulation.

Out of coat, good colouring on the body, some visible flecks.

Fit mover when handled correctly.

Overall a nice specimen representing the Field trial section, she has proven her qualities in the field and that’s were she is at her best, 1st VG.


Marc R.




Show Champion Mizen Druid Dathuil has qualified at a field trial making her Champion Mizen Druid Dathuil carrying on the tradition of Irish Red and White Setters who are Show Champions qualifying in the field to become full Champions



News from Cork, Ireland

Gerry Sparrow



The one with the sunlight is Podge (Deargban Casey) looking great for nine years of age.  The other photos are of Rodge) Royal Prince Roderick of Glenmise.  The ones in the beet and the field with the purple vegetation Podge is the one in the crops field.  I am on the lookout for a good bitch for Rodge - if anything comes available as he is spending so much time in the files its time he sowed his oats !!



News from Sweden

Lena Fridén



This is Draksjárnans Giron - Best of Breed 2013 SISKá


Dear John and Deargban Pia


This is PáTá Confident Christof on the right.  He has grown into a wonderful boy this winter - 2 years old.  He is fun to work with, very energetic and a brother to Conor in France and Cormac seen here on the left.


Deargban Brendan


News from France

I would like to give  you some good news from France about IRWS, United Spots Red Kite 'Rodney' is an excellent hunting dog with natural pointing and wonderful self-control.

His prizes - Ist prise in field trial spring in Germany and 1st VG in autumn field trial also in Germany.  He is also German Champion, Luxembourg Ch, International Show and beauty champion.  World WInner 2012

He is HD A CLAD free - A wonderful dog !

Cathy & Christophe Forster

Elevage de la Cour Saint Florent


There is also a nice girl Glennamaddy Gaelic Gem de la cour saint Florent.  She began shows this year with excellent results in Frane, Germany and Belgium.  She will probably become a great show champion.  On the other side we began in the same time field trial training and she is very promising.

30th Anniversary of the Irish Red and White Setter Club

Ch. Knockane Sherry

And the breed is still Flying !!


Ch. Ardbraccan Starlight Love  and Ch. Knockane Sherry


Mrs. Laura Dunne - a founder member of the Irish Red and White Setter Club judging the breed.